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Maze Number 129: Coloring Book Butterfly

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Maze Number 122: Coloring Book Snail

This maze is the first of an interesting new series.  Coloring book mazes!  Mazes made using images from cute kids coloring books.

Giant coloring book, used for drawing mazes.

Here’s the coloring book, its a giant coloring and activity book made by Bendon that I bought at Dollartree.

Snail coloring book page, used for drawing mazes.

And here’s the page I used.  A cute and happy looking snail. 

Maze Number 122: Coloring Book Snail.  A printable pink maze.

That turned into this maze, looks kind of cool now.  I used the eyes for the “starts” and the tail for the “finish”.  The fun part was drawing at the shell and the antennae.

Anyway, there’s two ways to “start” and one way to “finish”.  Enjoy!

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