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Friday, March 29, 2013

Number 41: Hair

Maze #41: Hair
For this maze I thought it looked a lot like a wig or something when I started drawing it.  After I finished it looked like a guy with long hair and a beard.  It reminded of Hair the musical.  I took a few musical theatre dance classes a few years back, and we learned a dance set to a song from it.  So it kind of got stuck in my head and apparently came out through my pen.  Anyways, it has one “start” and one “finish”.  Enjoy!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Number 40: Following the Leader

Maze #40: Following the Leader
Three months later, and I finally post another maze.Embarrassed smileThe reason you can find here on my main blog.
The name for this maze comes from the way I drew it.  Basically with all the paths following each other, kind of like lemmings.  Of course we all know the problem with lemmings right?  If you don’t look it up.  Anyway, there’s one “start” on this maze and just one “finish”.  Pick the right path and you will make it there.  Enjoy!
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