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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Number 60: Round and Round We Go

Maze Number 60: Round and Round We Go
This is another maze that started out as a squiggle, a squiggle that was the start of a spiral that continued to go round and round.

Anyway, there is only one “start” to this maze and only one way to “finish”.  Enjoy!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Number 59: Pod People


Maze Number 59: Pod People

I started drawing this maze by drawing little bean pod shapes.  While thinking of this the phrase “pod people” popped into my head, hence the name.  I guess an alternate name would have “hatchlings”  since they kind of remind me of egg shapes too.

Anyway, there are five ways to “start” and two ways to “finish”.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Number 58: Back and Forth

Maze Number 58: Back and Forth

Another maze that started from a squiggle. 

The name comes from how I found myself going “back and forth” a lot while drawing this maze.  That is normally the case with my mazes, but it seemed especially so with this one.  Of course that means you will be going “back and forth” a lot when solving it. 

Anyway, there is only one way to “start” and two ways to “finish”.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Number 57: Elephant

After far too many months, a new maze at last.  Thanks in part to a brand new and possibly better scanner.  In case you’re curious, I’m using the HP Desk Jet 2132 All in one printer/scanner/copier.  So far it’s working great, much better than my last scanner, faster too.  Which means I have more time for drawing mazes.  Yay!

Anyway, let’s get to what’s important.  The maze.

Maze Number 57: Elephant

This one started out as just a squiggle.  This squiggle reminded me of an elephant’s trunk which is where the name comes from.  Anyway, there are three ways to “start” and just the one “finish”.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Breaking the Silence with a Request

So, it’s been quiet around hasn’t it?  It’s mostly due to combination of life getting in the way and a faulty scanner.  But not to fret, I am still drawing mazes.  It will just take more time to post any new ones. 

In the meantime, I’ve set to work updating all the labels for the mazes to make it easier to search for mazes with specific themes and such.  But to make them more accurate, I will need some help from you.  If you look at the bottom of each post, you will see checkboxes that you can click on to show your reaction to the post/maze.  I’ve added ones to rate the difficulty of the maze.  Simply put, please click if you find a maze easy to solve or more difficult so that I can label it accordingly.  It will be a big help to me. 

Thanks so much, and enjoy!

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