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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maze Number 91: Don't Bother Me


Maze Number 91: Don't Bother Me

It’s a little strange how this maze got it’s name.  I frequently draw while waiting for the train.  One evening I was doing just that, and some guy suddenly started trying to talk to me.  Normally I am extremely shy, plus I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone let alone a perfect stranger especially since I was trying to finish up this maze. 

The fact that I was drawing something only seemed to make this guy more interested in trying to talk to me.  I know I should be flattered that he thought my mazes were cool and all that.  But still, it made me want to scream out, “can’t you see I am trying to do something here?!”

Anyway, there is just one way to “start” and one way “finish”.  Enjoy!

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