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Maze Request/Idea Submission

Maze Request/Idea Submission Page - Submit Your Ideas for New Mazes!

Welcome to the submission page.

Have special request or a great idea for a new maze for me to post?  This is the place to ask.  Also if you draw mazes or puzzles and would like me to feature them, please share as well.

There are two ways to go.  You can simply leave a comment, or if you want to be completely secretive and anonymous you can use the easy submission form.  Then just sit back and wait for your request to show up on the blog.

I will try to fill as many requests as possibly but it will take time, if your particular request is urgent please mention this.

Thank you for your ideas.  And before you leave, try your hand at this maze.

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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  1. Hi - Enjoyable to see hand drawn mazes! My son James drew mazes by hand also but they were not as neat as yours so we went to making mazes with a paint program and are trying name mazes now at his website.